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Jody-Lynn Reicher

    Therapist and owner Jody-Lynn Reicher has been practicing massage therapy since 1992 and received her first Active Release Therapy (ART) certification October 1997. Jody-Lynn is New Jersey State Licensed in Massage Therapy, and is a member of the AMTA (American Massaged Therapy Association). Jody-Lynn attended Healing Hands Institute, NJ as was her main school of study 1992/1993.

    She was a US Marine and a marathoner (completing over 40 marathons) who after spinal fusion surgery became an Ultra-Runner completing over 40 ultramarathon races, including the Badwater Ultramaration Race in Death Valley, CA. In 2006, she ran the state of New Jersey 212 miles in 55 hours for charity , and in 2008 ran “The Out N' Back of NJ",  running 372 miles for five charities in 6 days. She is also the North American Women's Record holder for the 24-hour Treadmill Run.

    Jody-Lynn Reicher, who started running in 1976, served in the U.S. Marines in the early 1980's. She went on to become a marathoner setting her sights on Olympic level running. After tragedy struck in 1991, she ended up having spinal fusion surgery which diminished her goal of Olympic marathon racing. She thus went into ultra-marathon running, changed her career from finance/accounting to provide massage therapy and bodywork for medical purposes. She deals primarily with pain patients, and injured athletes in her therapy business.
     Jody-Lynn in changing her type of running to accommodate her physical damage then became a Badwater Ultramarathon Veteran, three completions of the original course 2002, 2004, 2005. She is currently still running, and is also currently working on a revision of her first book "The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Nutrition" originally published June 2006.
     In 2004 she set up a charity venue, In lieu of that while running on a treadmill for 24 hours, she set the Women’s 24 Hour North American Treadmill Record in 2005. In 2006 for charity, Jody-Lynn raised $20,000 for "The Mary Therese Rose Fund", running down the west side of New Jersey 212 miles in fifty-five hours and forty-nine minutes with a mere one hour and forty-nine minutes sleep within that time frame. In 2008, she created a six day event of running throughout New Jersey, to raise funds for five charities covering 372 miles. Jody-Lynn was conferred in September 2008 The Chapel of the Four Chaplains Award for selfless service.  
    She ran into another bump in the road and upon taking self-defense (You Tube on Self-Defense Link:( ) with Phil Dunlap; then encouraged by her husband, Norman, she became a MMA Fighter in 2009. Which helped in her writing her fourth book April 30th 2017 "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman", it is about the training she went through and the men involved in helping train her.

    In 2014 Jody-Lynn had her second book published: (see "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness, BOOK TRAILER: Jody-Lynn's third book, "Priceless in Changsha" February 2017 was a non-fiction book written to not only show what it took to adopt from China; yet also showed the emotional aspect of others effected in the process as well. "Therapy On the Run", her most recent non-fiction book was published in April 2018.  Published books can be found on :
She is now trained by Mr. Steve Bratter at YESS Gym in Dumont, NJ in Boxing for her fighting career. Jody-Lynn was recently featured in the "201 Magazine" May 2017 issue, Sport section.

    Jody-Lynn has had a background in corporate finance and accounting fields. She began to change her career in 1992 and switched over to full-time in 1994 as a therapist and owner of Fine Tuning Therapy, Inc. She has done inspirational and thought provoking speeches at a variety of places, such as hospitals, schools, universities and the like (See You Tube "Resistance is Futile" Jody-Lynn now resides in Northern New Jersey with her husband, Norman of nearly thirty-five years, and their two daughters.
Jody-Lynn is currently working on her first novel, "How to Ruin a Pearl." She has written over 250 pieces of prose in the last four years as well. And her next non-fiction book, "Two Girls Talking...and God Listening In".
For speeches and contact, Jody-Lynn Reicher may be contacted through Facebook messenger. Her main page is Jody-Lynn Rainman Reicher.  Jody-Lynn also has her business Fine Tuning Therapy, Inc. up on Facebook as well.  And also posts stretches on both Facebook and YouTube.
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